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J Headache Pain ; 20 1 : 4, Jan The aim of this study was to investigate migraine patients with or without WMLs to see the effects of these tissue damages on cortical thickness and volume.

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The role of migraine characteristics duration of headache, attack frequency, estimated lifetime attack number, aura was also tested. None of the included migraine patients' headache or aura where present was unilaterally side-locked.

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Patients and controls were all right handed. Except for migraine, patients were free of any medical comorbidity.

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Cortical reconstruction and segmentation were performed on the 3D T1-weighted images using Freesurfer 5. The automatic cortical parcellation was based unilateral neuropathy diabetic Freesurfer's Desikan-Killiany-Tourville atlas, which has 31 cortical regions per hemisphere.

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The segmented regions were divided into five lobes frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital, insula. None of the migraine characteristics were selected by stepwise linear regression as significant predictors of cortical thickness or volume.

Lobar cortical thicknesses were equivalent within the range of ±0.

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Only age and ICV proved to be significant predictors; the former for both cortical thickness and volume, while the latter for cortical volume.